Capstone Project Portal
Capstone project is a compulsory Level 4 course for Honours Programme which spans over two semesters.
Students who have completed a total of 120 credit units (CUs) of program requirement (excluding 10 credit units (CUs) of UCore) are eligible to enroll in Capstone project (10 CUs).
Capstone projects are offered to the following Programmes by the School of Science and Technology:
* BME - BSc Biomedical Engineering
  * BPM - B Eng Building & Project Management
  * EAS - B Eng Aerospace Systems
  * ENG - B Eng Electronics
  * MTD - BSc Multimedia Technology and Design
  * MTH - BSc Mathematics
  * ICT - BSc Information and Communication Technology
  * ICT - BSc Information Technology and Business (ERP)
  * FEM - BSc Facilities & Events Management (FEM)
Students who plan to take up Capstone project in 2019JUL semester MUST enroll during Online Course Registration (eCR) period (from 09 Apr to 17 Apr) .

Registration Procedures

Phases Procedures Deadline
Phase 1

Looking for Supervisor in your own program

  1. If you have a project idea in mind:
    1. Look for a suitable capstone supervisor from the supervisor list to supervise you on this project;
    2. After discussion, the supervisor will propose this project in the capstone portal; indicating your name and PI in the reservation column.
  2. If you do not have a project in mind:
    1. From the supervisor list, look for a capstone supervisor whose interest areas interest you to propose a project for you in the Capstone portal;
    2. Supervisor will need to indicate your name and PI in the reservation column.

Please click here for the latest supervisor list.
30 April 2019
Phase 2

Informing School on Reservation

After supervisor proposes project in the Capstone Portal, you are required to email the following details to and cc your supervisor to inform school on your reservation.

Email Subject: "JUL2019:Reserved Project Details"
  • Project Code(Please ask your supervisor for this)
  • Project Title
  • Name of Supervisor
  • Student PI No

Students are advised to select their projects with great consideration. Once a project has been reserved by the student, if he/she wishes to change a new project, he/she must obtain approval from both supervisors before a change is allowed.
10 May 2019
Phase 3A

Project Vetting by Head of Programme (HOP)

HOP will vet all proposed projects. Only approved projects will be reserved to students.

Email notification will be sent to student in the event that reserved project is being rejected. School will inform you the next course of action in due time.
22 May 2019
Phase 3B

Project Selection from Project Pool

Student who does not have any supervisor at this point in time will be informed to choose project from the project pool.

Student is required to email supervisor to confirm the take up of the project and to forward the confirmation from supervisor to

30 June 2019
Phase 4

Project Confirmation

School will send confirmation email to student to confirm the project allocation.

Do note that reserved project will only be allocated to you if
  • Project has been approved by Head of Programme;
  • The student has met the academic requirements and been offered with the course;
  • Payment received by SUSS for Capstone project course.
15 July 2019
All Capstone students are required to attend the Capstone Commencement Briefing on 27th July 2019 (Saturday) from 1:00 pm to 3:00 pm. 27 July 2019

** Important Notes
  1. Please read your MyMail email regularly for updates. We will only reply to MyMail emails and not your personal emails.
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