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Supervisor Name Research Interest Main Email Photo
HOW MENG LEONG SHAWNDigital Media, Photo
KONG PE HIN HINNYMobile-business, E-learning, Social Net Mining, Photo
LEE TUAN SENGOnline Multimedia design, Smart Phone mobile apps , IT Engineering for investment, Smart City Artificial Intelligence application, Smart homes and health care design with Arduino, Augmented;;View Photo
ONG SEY BENG IZHuman Resource Management, Performance Management, Talent Management, Knowledge Worker, Learning and Development, infographics, visual storytelling, graphical user interface, knowledge management, instructional design, data mining, open source programming, interface portal , design, user interface, learning management system, content creation, training and development, virtual reality, augmented reality content Photo
CHAN HONG KEE DANNYMultimedia; audio and Photo
FOO JON CHUNG JONATHANMultimedia; video & Photo
LIM TEIK CHENG ALAN (STAFF)Auxetic materials, mathematical chemistry, molecular physics, composites, solid Photo
NGO CHEE YONGApp development for mobile Photo
SURANGA CHANDIMA NANAYAKKARAHuman Computer Interaction Assistive Augmentation Augmented Reality | For more info: Photo
WEI JUNadaptive multimedia streaming, image Photo
YEE PUI CHUNG STEVENPhotography, Photo Imaging, Photo Manipulation, Statistics and Correlation Studies, Marketing Research, Strategic Photo