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HOE SWEE LONGBioinformatics, Cumputer aided detection of breast/skin cancer, image analysis of blood cell study, protein structure prediction and atrial fabrillation simulation, database application for industrial Photo
CHANDRAN AYYANARAPPANAlternate /renewable energy systems,SMPS, Power inverters/converters,Applied electronics,control and automation,embedded systems,Multimedia,ICTand Photo
CHENG TIM LECK DAVID**** INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY : Innovations, Database applications, RFID, Networks, GIS, CAD/CAM, Virtual World Topics (eg:Monument Reconstruction), IT Knowledge Management, IT Design Management topics, IT Security Practice, Software/Product Development, Multi-media applications. **** ENG Electronics : Electronics applications such as solar power, ultrasonic applications, transmitter / receiver, sensors, wireless power charging and Photo
CHING CHI MAN RAYMONDSimple Micro-controller base control circuit and system, e.g. Arduino or PIC board, biomedical devices (electrical & mechanical); Biosensors, drug dispensing system platform; Computer Networking, Data Communication, Web portal development (MySQL,PHP) pertain to all industries and services, mobile application development on IOS, Android. As for Enterprise systems: ERP, CRM, SCM, DSS as well as Clinical Research Trial Management system, warehouse mgt system, logistic IT management, for example, RFID track and trace system, bar-coded tracking system, GPS tracking system. Lastly, GIS, using google map API tools to build GIS Photo
SINGH SARITAVHDL programming, developing web and mobile applications ,MATLAB based projects, Information Photo
ENG SOO GUAN SIMON>> Cyber Security, Networking, Server Admin, Cyber Ops >> Cloud Computing, Virtualisation, Data Center Technologies >> Data Science, Analytics & Visualisation, Machine Learning, Cyber Fraud >> Internet of Things (IoT) development and security >> Microwave reflectometer Photo
IMRAN SHAARIDistributed Teams and ICT Photo
KOH CHUNG HAURMobile Apps; Online Portals; New Media; Web Services; Business Management Systems; Fintech; Data Photo
KOH KIM BOONWeb development, Business Process Management, Enterprise Architecture, IT Solution Development, Library Solutions, Document /knowledge Photo
NING Photo
SASIKALA SIVAKUMARDatabase, E-Systems development using web front ends and database Photo
TAN LIANG GEKFinancial Technology & Business Photo
TAN MENG CHOON (CHEN MINGCHUN)electronic commerce, machine learning, enterprise architecture, digital immersive experience, sales analytics and engagement, development operations, continuous integration, applications Photo
TEO KOK KEONG LAWRENCESoftware Engineering, Algorithms Design & Analysis, Network Photo
TOH HIAP AIKiPhone / Android Application Development, GSM Application, Statistics, C Programming, Flash Photo
WANG DELIANGBusiness analytics, data visualization, social media, human computer interaction, web portal development, enterprise system development, knowledge management Photo
WU HORNG JYH PAULEnterprise Photo
KONG PE HIN HINNYMobile-business, E-learning, Social Net Mining, Photo
LEE TUAN SENGOnline Multimedia design, Smart Phone mobile apps , IT Engineering for investment, Smart City Artificial Intelligence application, Smart homes and health care design with Arduino, Augmented;;View Photo
ONG SEY BENG IZHuman Resource Management, Performance Management, Talent Management, Knowledge Worker, Learning and Development, infographics, visual storytelling, graphical user interface, knowledge management, instructional design, data mining, open source programming, interface portal , design, user interface, learning management system, content creation, training and development, virtual reality, augmented reality content Photo