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KUMBAR SHANKARRAPPAMicrocontrollers, Electronic System Design, Embedded and Automated Systems, Web Based Applications (.NET, Open Source and Java), Data mining and Biomedical Applications (health care solutions) Photo
RAJENDRA ACHARYA UDYAVARABiosignal Processing, Medical Imaging, and Data Photo
YANG ZHIZONGControl and instrumentation, sensors,robotics, industrial networks and computer Photo
KOK CHIANG LIANGelectronic circuit, electrical, power management, power Photo
LU LIRUGeneral Area in Wireless Photo
ANG YEW HOCKDigital Multimedia and Transmission processing and coding of multimedia for transmissions, and content-based processing for multimedia retrieval and Photo
CHANDRASEKARAN RAJASEKARANElectronic circuit design, Digital Signal Photo
CHANG SEOW PINFPGA, Design Flow Automation, Low Power Photo
CHIN CHENG SIONGmodelling, simulation, applied control engineering applications, system simulations , process control, systems analysis, PIC/AVR microcontroller applications, graphical-user interfacing, MATLAB/Simulink and LabVIEW Photo
HEE TA-WEI, DAVIDElectrically Small Antennas, Wideband Antenna Phased Arrays, EMI/EMC/E3, Metamaterials, Radar Systems and Integrated Sensors, Digital/Optical Beamforming, Computational Electromagnetics Modelling, Nano-electronics/devices, Smart Antennas, Software-defined/Cognitive Radios and On-body Photo
PHAY YEOW HONG WILLIAMClean technology & Innovation Management & Crowdfunding In Clean Technology: a) Water Treatment b) Wastewater Treatment c) Wetlands d) Biosolids In Innovation Management: a) Innovation & Strategy b) Business evaluation & appraisal for biz & Mgt setup c) Photo
QIAN JIAutomation Control System; Embedded System Design with Micro-processor/CPLD/FPGA; Signal DAQ System for Industrial Photo
SEOW CHEE KIAT1)Positioning in urban environment; 2)Array Signal Processing; 3)MIMO radar; and 4)Drone Photo
THULASINGA SANKARembedded systems, medical devices, motion control applications, high power laser diode applications, statistical Photo
TIEW DERRICKi) Electronics Product Design & Developmennt ii) CMOS Circuit Design & Photo
TOH ENG HUATMain research interest: Solid-state devices and semiconductor technology. Research Topics include: 1. Nanoelectronics and Nano-transistors. 2. Advanced devices like III-V transistors. 3. Novel devices with extremely low power consumption. 4. Advanced memories like MRAM, ReRAM, FeRAM, and etc. 5. Semiconductor devices and Photo
YEE MUN CHUN MARCUSModelling of Nano-devices, semiconductor device Photo
CHANDRAN AYYANARAPPANAlternate /renewable energy systems,SMPS, Power inverters/converters,Applied electronics,control and automation,embedded systems,Multimedia,ICTand Photo
CHENG TIM LECK DAVID**** INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY : Innovations, Database applications, RFID, Networks, GIS, CAD/CAM, Virtual World Topics (eg:Monument Reconstruction), IT Knowledge Management, IT Design Management topics, IT Security Practice, Software/Product Development, Multi-media applications. **** ENG Electronics : Electronics applications such as solar power, ultrasonic applications, transmitter / receiver, sensors, wireless power charging and Photo
CHING CHI MAN RAYMONDSimple Micro-controller base control circuit and system, e.g. Arduino or PIC board, biomedical devices (electrical & mechanical); Biosensors, drug dispensing system platform; Computer Networking, Data Communication, Web portal development (MySQL,PHP) pertain to all industries and services, mobile application development on IOS, Android. As for Enterprise systems: ERP, CRM, SCM, DSS as well as Clinical Research Trial Management system, warehouse mgt system, logistic IT management, for example, RFID track and trace system, bar-coded tracking system, GPS tracking system. Lastly, GIS, using google map API tools to build GIS Photo
SINGH SARITAVHDL programming, developing web and mobile applications ,MATLAB based projects, Information Photo